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Welcome to CODEJAX Studios

CODEJAX Studios is a new indie game development studio. Our studio was established in 2018 by gamers who have a passion for fun and entertainment which led them to take a leap into the unknown. We’re thrilled to bring that passion to you through our creations. Check out our world.

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What started out as an idea to learn how the games we play everyday were made has turned into a thriving passion. Everyday we play games, we design games, we create ideas and we grow. Not everything is a success but this is all part of the journey. Our goal is simple, we aim to bring the fun of gaming and making games to life through creative projects and unique ideas and share this with the world. Have an idea for a game? Share with us and help us create fun!

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Mortar Attack available for FREE on the Google Play Store!

Mortar Attack

Available Now!

A fun and engaging pass-and-play or single player turn based arcade game that takes homage from classics like Scorched Earth and Worms. Control your mortar team, calculate (or guess) where to aim and how many bombs to send at your enemy in a simple arcade game designed for short play sessions with a friend or by yourself.


Zombie City Attack

Available Now!

Zombies have taken over the world and it is up to you to defend the last cities on earth! As the only surviving helicopter pilot, you must use your skills to fight off wave after wave of zombie attacks with your lethal attack helicopter and deploy combat troops to the front line with your transport helicopter. Fight for survival across multiple levels featuring snow, forests and the rocky outback!


Cooper & Jaxons Mega Awesome Battle Arena

October 2018

Enter the intense, crazy and downright whacky battle arena developed by Cooper & Jaxon. Featuring single and multiplayer for up to 2 players, this couch based battle arena game is the brainchild of two young boys aged 4 and 6. The two kids had a dream to create their own video game so they set out to designing and creating a battle arena game that used their hand drawn art, stayed true to their game design ideas and made sure player mechanics were just how they wanted them....crazy, fast and fun!!!

Coming to Steam Store soon!



Thank you for your interest in CODEJAX Studios. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to give you the information you need. Reach us on or use the form below!

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Sydney, NSW, Australia

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